Hallo! From Our Norwegian Visitors

3rd May, 2016

Recently, at our Sleaford restaurant, we were treated to a visit from some special guests… all the way from Norway!

Having spent time with Katrine Florvaag and Per Magne Eggesbø in Norway in June, as Drywite’s UK Young Fish Frier of the Year 2015, Rachel Tweedale – who manages our Sleaford branch – was delighted to be able to welcome them to Lincolnshire.

Katrine and Per Magne were in the UK to meet with representatives from Smales, which has supplied us with quality fish for over 25 years, when they decided to pass by our Sleaford branch.

The pair usually reside in Ålesund in Norway, which is home to Vartdal Seafoods – the company that owns the newly commissioned Ramoen fishing trawler.

Having heard so much about us, Katrine and Per Magne were keen to see for themselves what our Sleaford branch looks like and how we like to promote their products; you may have noticed posters around our restaurants and takeaways showing our commitment to responsibly-sourced food.

We’re proud that all three of our branches have been certified by the Marine Stewardship Council (MSC), and we can trace every piece of fish we serve - right down to the vessel it was caught in.  

Our Norwegian guests were also joined by representatives from Smales, who enjoyed catching up with Rachel over a portion of our delicious fish and chips!

(Pictured from left to right is: Katrine Florvaag, Per Magne Eggesbø; Lewis Smales; Lee Smales; Simon Smales and Bobby Joyce).