Three Cheers For National Fish and Chip Day!

9th June, 2016

Friday 3rd June was an extra special ‘Fryday’ for us as the whole day was dedicated to what we love the most and do the best… fish and chips!

To celebrate NEODA’s second annual National Fish and Chip Day, which brings together everyone involved in creating the iconic British dish, we raised money for the Fishermen’s Mission at all of our restaurants and even had some extra special surprises in store for certain customers in Lincoln.

Our 100th visitor was given a £50 voucher to spend at the Elite (that’s a lot of fish and chips!) and we also handed out vouchers to some other lucky customers, just for turning up when they did!

The 10th, 20th and 40th visitors during Friday lunch time were given vouchers worth £10, £20 and £40 respectively.

We even rang a bell to let it be known and our Facebook and Twitter accounts were on fire!

We’re proud to have raised £252 for the Fishermen’s Mission and support those who put their lives at risk every day so that we can enjoy our favourite dish.

It is the only national charity that works with fishermen facing hardship and their families and relies solely on the generosity of donations and fundraising efforts such as ours.

For more information and to donate to the cause, please visit:

Here’s to next year!